• Every day it is passion that drives us. Every day we do everything to maintain this passion.
  • When something is true, it is authentic. The intention behind each of our creations is sincere and aims to transmit our passion and highlight the human being.
  • Every detail is important, every gesture. We are not into cheap manufacturing and that is why each of our actions has its place.
  • Dreaming is one of the most important things in life. The dream makes it possible to believe, to undertake and to achieve. It is important for us to dream because it is our greatest source of inspiration for humans.
  • Our team works to create products that inspire you, that represent you. We are committed to providing you with jewelry that allows you to define yourself.


To offer unique Quebec creations, inspired by passion and to offer high quality jewelry, each piece of which is thought out and made by hand. Guided by people, we offer an authentic experience that goes far beyond the accessory. We leave a mark.


Beyond jewelry, there is a lifestyle that we want to share through our creations and thus inspire people to become a must-have in international jewelry.


  • Respect, a pillar in every human relationship
  • Listening to people and their stories, a source of inspiration
  • Sharing our stories, our passions, through our values ​​and our products.
  • Self-transcendence, by supporting each individual we work with
  • Commitment, to our brand, to people
  • Pleasure, in everything we do