Comment sont créés nos bijoux?

How are our jewels created?

Creating a piece of jewelry is not easy. Before you see the final result, several months of teamwork and several steps were necessary before arriving at the final product.

When I create a piece, yes, I am inspired by trends but above all by you. I am inspired by everyday life and the emotions we experience on a daily basis. Then, I choose the message that I want to convey through the piece in order to produce a jewel that can live with you.

First stage of creation, the drawings.

It all starts with a drawing! I put my ideas on paper and draw them. Being old school, I love drawing with real pen and ink. Then comes the scanning step! I'm lucky to have my sister Cynthia as a graphic designer. She goes over all my drawings to digitize them and ensure that we can transform them into a metal punch.

Second step the digitization and transformation of the drawing into a metal punch!

She herself creates many drawings for us being an outstanding artist. Mandalas are my hobby, we often use them to create textures on our pieces.

Textures of our parts made from our drawings.

Then it's teamwork! I discuss with my production team how to bring our designs to life and turn them into real-life creations.

finishing of the pieces made by hand in our workshop in Quebec.

In silver as in bronze, it is we who produce all the pieces meticulously by hand. Have sanded, cut, filed and polished each piece. They are also the ones who engrave all the patterns I have drawn on our jewelry. polishing of parts

Subsequently, our jewels are tested for several weeks to see if they are resistant to water or any other external factor.

Finally, put the pieces together to create a unique jewel that will make you shine.

all our pieces are stamped one by one

Then comes the step of taking a picture of the jewelry on someone! Did you know that all of our jewelry photos with people are not photoshop edited? Only a color treatment for the light is done.

For us, it is important to keep every facial feature, every skin texture and every imperfection that makes us all unique. A bit like our charms! I like to say that we are all perfectly imperfect.

Once the photos are taken, the marketing team and I set up a strategy so that you see and buy our jewelry.

Marketing and content creation

Finally, we carefully pack your orders in personalized boxes.

Packing orders in our custom boxes

Each step is carried out with heart by passionate humans. We are proud to make people shine through entirely Quebec creations.