5 leçons pour acheter intelligemment

5 lessons for smart shopping

Being a compulsive shopper, it's hard for me to always control myself, when I'm surrounded by clothes. For my part, I have a love hate relationship with buying new parts.

In a world of social networks, it is very easy to be influenced. When browsing Pinterest and Instagram, it's easy to succumb to temptation. We want the new TrenchCoat seen on the girl we follow and love. It's fun, but where is the limit?

To help us girls who like beautiful things, here are 5 lessons to buy smarter!


 The first step before shopping is to clean out your wardrobe! It's amazing how you can find little wonders that had been hidden over time and are coming back into fashion. In addition, many girls give themselves the trick "buy 2 new pieces = give 2 old ones" so as not to clutter up their dressing room and to give to the next one.



For my part, I love to go on Pinterest and Instagram to give me inspiration. You can go to the previous article or I tell you about inspiring Quebec fashion designers. I always start my "moodboard" by coming up with several ideas for outfits. Afterwards, I sort out the pieces that come up most often to draw up a list of important items.


The budget is a crucial step before a shopping spree. It is important to establish a base amount that should not be exceeded. Planning your expenses is the key to smart shopping. Creating a budget just for clothes is ideal! This allows you to buy only the parts you really need. Many people make an expense account each month to be able to schedule their purchases. Finished reaching the limit of his credit to pay for clothes!



When it's time for a window shopping session, don't buy on impulse. Except for favorites. Obviously, it is impossible to ignore! It is essential to ask the right questions before buying a piece.

- Do I really need it?

- Does this piece match with anything else in my wardrobe?

- Is it of good quality?



Prioritizing quality has a major role in the long term. The basics are the most important in my opinion, because they will pass better through the seasons as well as the years. It is better to focus on one quality item rather than several pieces that will not last over time.

-Vickie xx