Amalfi - Sun & body oil
Amalfi - Sun & body oil
Amalfi - Sun & body oil
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Amalfi - Sun & body oil

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Amalfi is made with organic and natural ingredients.

Our versatile sun and body oil is perfect for dull skin that lacks radiance. This luxurious oil provides instantly soft and silky skin. In the sun, Amalfi oil accelerates your tan, intensifies it and makes it last longer. The blend of natural hero ingredients work together to give your skin the perfect complexion and deep hydration.

Vegan, natural & not tested on animals


This all-natural sun oil can be used for literally anything. Your body, your choice. Use as a tanning oil to enhance and prolong your glow or as a daily moisturizing body oil. Apply to your cheekbones to add a dewy finish to your look. Use daily as a styling oil, add a few drops to your hair mask or leave on as an overnight treatment. Non-greasy, it won't clog pores, helps treat dry skin and gives an instant sun-kissed glow.

Principally :

-Body: Apply to body anytime.

- Tanning: Apply over sunscreen to accelerate tanning and stimulate melanin production

-After-tan: Apply topically to maintain a radiant tan longer, or repair sunburned skin.

But also...

-Hair: Apply to hair for shine or as a finishing touch. Superb after bathing in salt water to revive and rehydrate dry hair.

-Cuticles: Apply a very small amount of oil to the cuticles.

-Bath: Add a few drops to the bath water to deeply moisturize the skin and bring a summer smell.

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